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Local Panama City, Florida, Attorney Rick Albritton (@RickAlbritton) Phone: (850) 215-0200, advised that Panama City Beach (Pier Park [beachside]) Florida Police Corporal advised one Street Musician, Monday, May 22, 2017, before 1:00 p.m., that May 8, 2017, Complaint filed, was that Street Musician “allegedly” requested a “TIP” from a passerby; which is a Blatant LIE, and the Musician was advised NOT to return to the place in Front of the Rest Rooms Building on Front Beach Road, Pajama City Beach (Pier Park [beachside]). Good Luck with that P.C.B.P.D.❗️

Complaints may be directed to the following individuals, who are responsible for the DISDAIN for your protected United Statrs Constitutional First Amendment Right to Freedom of Expression

Mayor Mike Thomas
(850) 233-5100 Phone
(850) 233-5108 Fax

John Reichard
Councilman, Ward 1
(850) 233-5607 Phone
(850) 233-5108 Fax

Phil Chester
Councilman, Ward 2
(850) 819-7301 Phone
(850) 233-5100 Phone
(850) 233-5108 Fax

Josie B. Strange
Councilwoman, Ward 3 and Vice-Mayor
(850) 234-6665 Phone
(850) 233-5108 Fax

Hector Solis
Councilman, Ward 4
(850) 238-8038 Phone
(850) 233-5108 Fax

City Hall
110 South Arnold Road
(850) 233-5100 Phone

Mario Gisbert
City Manager
(850) 233-5100 Phone
(850) 233-5108 Fax

The City Council will meet May 25, 2017, 9:00 a.m., at which public comment (complaints) can be directed to the Council’s attention for three (3) minutes per person

Sec. 16-11. Trespass Warnings on Public Property

(b) Trespass warnings shall be in writing and issued for a period of one (1) year

(c). A copy of the trespass warning shall be provided by mail or hand delivered to the individual given the warning

The written trespass warning shall advise of the right to appeal and the location at which to file the appeal

Ord. 1407
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Musician has NOT attempted or completed a transaction involving solicitation or peddling to the occupant of a vehicle

Musician does NOT use aggressive solicitation or peddling; which includes approaching or following pedestrians, the abusive language, uninvited physical contact, intentional or negligent blocking of pedestrian or vehicular traffic and similar actions

Musician does NOT solicit or peddle to persons in places or circumstances where it is difficult or impossible for the person approached to exercise his or her own right to decline simply by leaving

Musician does NOT engage in peddling and solicitation of tourists in congested places or circumstances where the tourist’s freedom of movement is restricted, and aggressive peddling and solicitation anywhere



Sec. 19-2. Definitions

“Peddling” means to personally and directly sell …

The word “peddle” and its forms does not include Solicitation

“Solicitation” means to personally and directly request of another, orally or in writing, money …

The word “solicit” and its forms includes begging and panhandling, and the seeking of a donation where the person solicited receives an item of nominal or no monetary value

Solicitation does not mean the act of passively standing still, or sitting, with a sign or alms cup indicating that a donation is being sought, and without any vocal request other than a response to an inquiry by another person; provided that pedestrians may freely pass without obstruction or having to take evasive action

Solicitation Ordinance 1311
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