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Trey Gowdy (@TGowdySC), Representative, Republican, South Carolina, lambasts known Legacy LIAR, President (@POTUS) Barack Obama (@BarackObama Barack Hussein Obama), KING of the Democrats

11/23/2016 3:01 Trey Gowdy Blasts Obama and Gets Standing Ovation

Speaker: You may proceed
Congressman Trey Gowdy:


Thank you madam Speaker

Thank you your Honor


Madam Speaker, President Obama announced one of the largest extra-constitutional power grabs, ever, by a Chief Executive

He declared, unilaterally, that almost five (5) million undocumented aliens, will receive deferred action under some newfangled definition of prosecutorial discretion, madam Speaker

Not only that, not only escaping consequences, he has decided to bestow benefits such as work authorization and immigration benefits

This, madam Speaker, despite the fact that the very same President over twenty (20) different times, said he lacked the power to do what he just did, and he repeatedly said he’s not a King

Now madam Speaker, his position may have changed, after the election I hasten to add, but the Constitution has not

That document is clear, time-tested, and true and it says this body passes laws and it is the responsibility, of the Chief Executive, madam Speaker, to make sure that those laws are faithfully, enforced

If this President’s unilateral extra-constitutional acts are not stopped, madam Speaker, fudal, future Presidents will no doubt expand that power, of the Executive Branch, and threaten, the Constitutional equilibrium


But madam Speaker, this is not a fight between Republicans and Democrats

It’s not even a fight
Speaker: I ask the Members to take their conversations off the floor

The gentleman will continue
Representative Trey Gowdy:

Thank you, madam Speaker

I’ll back up in case they missed it

This is not a fight between Republicans, and Democrats

It’s not even a fight over immigration reform

This is a fight, over whether this branch of government will ever find the courage to stand up for itself

The same document



The same document, that this and all President’s swear to defend gives this body certain tools

Tools like, the power of the purse, and it’s about damn time we used that tool

So I would ask you to oppose this motion to recommit, support the underlying bill, and I will yield back my time




BRINGING DOWN THE GIANT: Ted Cruz wants you to send the Internal Revenue Service a POSTCARD with a Partridge in a Pear Tree, Chris Christie wants TWO TurtleDoves to circle overhead while he and Barack Obama Hug it Out, Carly Fiorina wants THREE PAGES to dance with Three French Hens, Jeb Bush wants FOUR Calling Birds in the Hand, Bernie Sanders wants FIVE Golden Rings to help pay for all the “Free” things he wants to give away, Hillary Clinton wants SIX Geese a Laying Golden eggs to pay for her Plans, Marco Rubio wants SEVEN Swans a Swimming across the Rio Grande and entering America Illegally, John Kasich wants EIGHT Maids a Milking you dry to support Illegal Alien Immigrants, Martin O’Malley wants NINE Ladies Dancing around the Issues, Ben Carson wants you to TITHE TEN percent to TEN Lords a Leaping at the Church of the Pork Barrel in Washington D.C., Donald Trump wants ELEVEN Pipers Piping for the ONE percent who Own the NINETY percent, Lindsey Graham wants TWELVE Drummers Drumming for War, but Mike Huckabee only wants your help in BRINGING DOWN THE GIANT

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