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Alabama the Great Jurisdiction for Scofflaws

imageAlabama is a great jurisdiction for scofflaws because it seems that law enforcement (the sheriffs and police departments) in the State will gullibly accept any contact (address and phone) information that any scofflaw provides them, as the gospel truth; without checking it for accuracy

In Houston County Alabama, I have reviewed open records which law enforcement releases to the public, which prove that sheriff and police departments have accepted contact information where the city provided does not match the zip code they input, the street address is not in the city, and that the address provided may have nothing whatsoever to do with where the scofflaw is residing

This information that is open to the public is then sometimes published in print and on-line in the Dothan Eagle, Wiregrass Enforcer, YellowHammer, Mugshots, etc., which is a disservice to the public since it may indicate that a scofflaw is from a certain city provided in the open records, but makes no mention of where the actual unlawful activity took place

How is the safety of the general public of the State of Alabama ensured by law enforcement and media sources advising them that scofflaw John Q. Public of Timbuktu allegedly committed an unlawful act for which they were arrested and jailed, but fail to advise the public that the alleged unlawful act took place in Dothan at location X ?

How are Alabamians protected when they are not even advised where alleged unlawful acts are taking place in their communities ?

Maybe Rickey Stokes News needs to start asking questions