Bill Clinton (@BillClinton “Slick Willy” William Jefferson Clinton) American Idiot, former President, Beotch of Hillary Clinton (“hiLIARy” @HillaryClinton Hillary Rodham Clinton) forgets he wanted to “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” with the help of WHITE SOUTHERNERS, 1991-1992, years before Donald Trump (@realDonaldTrump Donald J. Trump) started using the slogan

10/23/2016 1:07 Bill Clinton calls Trump’s slogan “racist”, forgets he

9/8/2016 1:10 ‘Make America Great Again’ is racist according to Bill Clinton … but wait!

7/2/2016 0:06 Make America Great Again October 4, 1991

9/14/2016 0:58 Bill Clinton Said ‘Make America Great Again’ In 1991

9/10/2016 0:32 Bill Clinton Saying “Making America Great Again”

12/14/2015 1:00 2008 Clinton Campaign Ad: Bill Clinton: Hillary Will “Make America Great Again”

Bill Clinton: American Idiot – GreenDay


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