v. Billy Shaun McGhee, AlaFile E-Notice, Notice of Service, In the Small Claims Court of Houston County, Alabama, The following matter was served on 7/27/2016, 38-SM-2016-000704.00

Billy Shaun McGhee
Judge: Benjamin H. Lewis
D001 McGhee Billy Shaun
Corresponding To
Served Kallie Briggs

Carla H. Woodall
Circuit Court Clerk
Houston County Alabama
P.O. Drawer 6406
Dothan AL 36302

Unified Judicial System
State of Alabama
Carla H. Woodall
Houston County Circuit Clerk
P.O. Drawer 6406
Dothan Alabama 36302
Houston County Circuit Clerk
Billy Shaun McGhee, of Smith and McGhee P.C., 211 W. Main Street, Suite 1, Dothan, Alabama, 36301, had a Small Claims Court action filed against him in Houston County, today, Friday, July 22, 2016, Case Number SM-16-704, for $300.00 (Three-Hundred Dollars), plus Court Costs of $97.00 (Ninety-Seven Dollars), for a total of $397.00 (Three-Hundred and Ninety-Seven Dollars)



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