Police State OREGON (U.S.A.)

Police State OREGON (U.S.A.) What's Legal Educate Before You Recreate
before you RECREATE
Because you’re a Tax SLAVE
Photography Is Not A Crime PINAC
LESSON: Don’t get caught photographing in Police State OREGON (U.S.A.) because Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director James Comey is afraid you might catch Police State OREGON ‘Rodney Kinging’ someone, and then how will the Talking Heads of the Lame Main Stream Media; controlled by six (6) mega-corporations, be able to continue their propaganda that 99% of the Police State doesn’t break the Law❓

SARCASM . . . deal with it
Photography Is Not A Crime PINAC
Oregon Man Arrested for Recording Militarized Police Raid in Neighborhood
Photography Is Not a Crime
Carlos Miller
9/8/2014 September 8, 2014
Photography Is Not A Crime PINAC
Man Was Recording ‘Militarized’ SWAT Raid When Things Took a Sudden Turn: ‘At First I Was Scared to Post This Video…’
The Blaze
Jason Howerton
9/8/2014 September 8, 2014
Police State How America's Cops Get Away With Murder Gerry Spence

Case 2


Pg. 65

Portland Oregon


Brandon Mayfield

Michele Longo Eder

4/7/2005 April 7, 2005
Dan Eggen
Washington Post
Flawed FBI Probe Of Bombing Used A Secret – Washington Post
Washington Post › National Security
Conyers Seeks Wider Inquiry
Dan Eggen
Washington Post
Staff Writer Thursday,
April 7, 2005
; Page A03
In Oregon the selection of a federal judge to try a newly filed case is made randomly by the court clerk’s computer

Judge Ann Aiken selected

Suddenly Judge Aiken was taken off the case by order of the chief judge

A short time later, attorney Elden Rosenthal, by mere chance, met Judge Aiken at a joint meeting of the bar and bench

Attorney Rosenthal told Judge Aiken he was sorry she was disqualified to sit on the case

Judge Aiken told Elden she’d been quite willing to sit on the case, but she’d been removed by the chief judge without any reason offered

Judge Aiken said this was happening frequently to her and another woman judge

Some of the senior federal judges in the district had apparently decided to secretly circumvent the random selection of the computer, leaving lawyers who practice before them believing that the random selection of judges was at work as usual

The chief judge, assigned the case to another senior judge in the circuit

That senior judge apparently wasn’t overly delighted to see attorney Gerry Spence of Wyoming, in Oregon federal court

That senior judge told a group of lawyers and judges at a judicial function that lawyer Gerry Spence would never be able to get away with the antics and tactics he pulled on Judge Haas in the Sandy Jones murder case

Judge Harl Haas, who sat on the Sandy Jones case, happened to be present when that senior judge made those public remarks

Judge Haas was offended and immediately advised attorney Spence of that senior judge’s prejudicial remarks

The above mentioned court rule providing for the random assignment of cases to judges protects both judges and litigants from any suggestion of impropriety

A motion was filed that set forth a summary of the facts and demanded the case be returned to Judge Aiken, the lawfully selected judge in the case

The POWERS that be decided that was a good idea, to reassign Judge Aiken to the case before someone started asking questions
Police State How America's Cops Get Away With Murder Gerry Spence Case 3 KILL HIM - DON'T HELP HIM

Case 3


Pg. 91

City of Sandy Oregon

police officer
William Bergin

Clackamas County

deputy sheriff
David Willard

Fouad Kaady
Police State How America's Cops Get Away With Murder Gerry Spence
News and case results – Part 5 – Spence Law Firm
Jan 11, 2011 – June 1, 2010 | Oregon, Portland. Oregon Wrongful Death Civil Rights Case Settled. Gerry Spence
Police State How America's Cops Get Away With Murder Gerry Spence
Oregon Wrongful Death Civil Rights Case Settled | Spence Law Firm
http://www.spencelawyers.com › 2010/06/01
Jun 1, 2010 – City of Sandy Police Department in Sandy, Oregon, found Fouad Kaady sitting cross-legged, silent
Police State How America's Cops Get Away With Murder Gerry Spence
Fouad Kaady family attorney issues statement – OregonLive.com
Mar 16, 2010 – Kent Spence of The Spence Law Firm in Jackson, Wyo., released a statement today regarding a $1
Police State How America's Cops Get Away With Murder Gerry Spence
Clackamas County to pay $1 million in Fouad Kaady shooting death
Mar 15, 2010 – Rick Bella | The Oregonian/OregonLive … 8, 2005, shooting of Fouad Kaady began with a bizarre
Police State How America's Cops Get Away With Murder Gerry Spence
Judge rules Fouad Kaady trial can proceed as planned | OregonLive
OregonLive.com › blog
Nov 26, 2008 – What happened: A federal judge’s ruling Wednesday paved the way for a trial in the case of a Portland
Police State How America's Cops Get Away With Murder Gerry Spence
What Happened To Fouad Kaady
Feb 6, 2008 – The family of Fouad Kaady, 27, has hired high-profile, flamboyant defense attorney Gerry Spence of Wyoming to argue the lawsuit
38970 Proctor Blvd., Sandy, Oregon 97055
Police State How America's Cops Get Away With Murder Gerry Spence
Fouad Kaady | Mental Health Association of Portland
28 Seconds : The Killing of Fouad Kaady… Portland, and the equally tragic case of 27-year-old Fouad Kaady
Oregon State Senate Bill 111, passed in 2007, in part requires each Oregon county

Police State How America's Cops Get Away With Murder Gerry Spence
The Fouad Kaady files – Oregon Local News – Pamplin Media Group
Portland Tribune
Aug 18, 2006 – Story surrounding Fouad Kaady shooting materializes with phonebook-size stack of files
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“How to Argue and Win Every Time”
“With Justice for None”
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