THICK as THIEVES: The Congress of the United States of America


Thick as Thieves

What does the United States Congress do after an American citizen is falsely accused by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I.) of being associated with the Madrid, Spain, commuter train bombing; which killed 191 people and wounded 1,800, and the U.S. Federal government bugged his house, did sneak and peek searches of his house, law office, went through confidential client files, took 10 DNA samples, 6 cigarette butts, copies of computer drives, documents, 355 digital photographs, 14,754 related government documents which the government refused to destroy after ignoring the Spanish National Police ?

Well, what do you expect the “Do Nothing Congress” did ?

Police State

The Secret Lies of the FBI

Gerry Spence

Brandon Mayfield


Portland Oregon

Falsely accused by Federal Bureau of Investigation


3/11/2004 March 11, 2004

Madrid Spain

191 killed

1,800 wounded

train bombing


FBI Latent Print Unit

Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System


Latent Fingerprint #17

LFP 17

3/15/2004 March 15, 2004

Agent Alfred

Mr. Smart

FBI contract employee

Formerly F.B.I. employee

3 reprimands fingerprint identification

3/20/2004 March 20, 2004


Spanish police

no match


unit supervisor chief

Latent Print Unit

Stephen Meagher

once testified that in the entire history of fingerprint examination the FBI had NEVER made a misidentification in a court case

false positive

American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors

United States Supreme Court


4/21/2004 April 21, 2004

FBI to Madrid

secret court

Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court



sneak and peek searches

BM law office

confidential client files

Los Angeles Times

false affidavits

federal judge Portland

100% positive identification

Spanish National Police

5/6/2004 May 6, 2004

BM arrested as material witness

Multinomah County Detention Center

5/20/2004 May 20, 2004

presiding judge in Portland’s federal court


5/19/2004 May 19, 2004

Spanish National Police


Ouhnane Daoud

Michele Longo Eder

Elden Rosenthal

4/7/2005 April 7, 2005

Washington Post

Dan Eggen

10 DNA samples

6 cigarette butts


computer drives


355 digital photographs

Judge Ann Aiken

disqualified by chief judge

senior judge X

Judge Harl Haas

Patriot Act

probable cause

Ninth Circuit

$2 million

Freedom of Information Act


8/8/2007 August 8, 2007

14,754 documents

Justice Department’s Inspector General

2003 – 2005


national security letters



2/5/2009 February 5, 2009

Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals

12/2009 December 2009

11/10/2010 November 10, 2010

U.S. Supreme Court

denied certiorari


A Multitude of Errors: The Brandon Mayfield Case › for_lib › Documents
Over the course of some 19 days, Brandon Mayfield experienced the nightmare of an innocent man
On or about March 20, the FBI reported its findings to the United States Attorney’s Office in Portland
OPINION: The terrifying surveillance case of Brandon Mayfield › opinions › the-terrifying
8 feb. 2014
Portland lawyer Brandon Mayfield speaks at a press conference May 24, 2004 in Portland, Oregon
The Other Side of the Story – The New York Times
Jun 14, 2013
Times Topic:
Brandon Mayfield
Mayfield’s; they had been hoping, perhaps, for a person who had set
Federal court rules Oregon attorney Brandon Mayfield can’t
10 dec. 2009
Benjamin Brink/The Oregonian
Brandon Mayfield
and his wife
Science Found Wanting in Nation’s Crime Labs – The New York Times
Feb 4, 2009
People who have seen it say it is a sweeping critique of many forensic methods
Times Topic:
DNA Evidence
The F.B.I. wrongfully arrested Brandon Mayfield of Oregon
Judge Rules Provisions in Patriot Act to Be Illegal – The New York Times › washington
Sep 27, 2007
in the case of Brandon Mayfield, a lawyer in Portland
Mr. Mayfield, 38, who was born in Oregon
“the people are expected to defer to the Executive Branch
EXCLUSIVE… Falsely Jailed Attorney Brandon Mayfield
30 nov. 2006
Falsely Jailed Attorney Brandon Mayfield Discusses His Case After Feds Award $2 Million
Lawyer wrongly arrested in bombings: ‘We lived in 1984’ –
30 nov. 2006
Oregon lawyer Brandon Mayfield says he was constantly watched • “We lived in ‘ 1984,’ ” he said
U.S. Will Pay $2 Million to Lawyer Wrongly Jailed – The New York Times
Nov 30, 2006
The unusual settlement caps a two-and-a-half-year ordeal that saw the lawyer, Brandon Mayfield
U.S. To Pay $2M For False Terror Arrest – CBS News
29 nov. 2006
Portland lawyer Brandon Mayfield walks with his daughter, Sharia Mayfield, 12, left, and son, Famir
Defense Lawyers in Terror Cases Plan Challenges Over Spy Efforts
The New York Times › politics › defense
Dec 28, 2005
“It seems to me that it would be relevant to a person’s case,”
when asked about a report in The New York Times
the lead counsel representing Brandon Mayfield
Report Faults F.B.I.’s Fingerprint Scrutiny in Arrest of Lawyer – The
The New York Times › politics
Nov 17, 2004
failure,” the panel said in a report on the arrest of the lawyer, Brandon Mayfield of Portland
Spain and U.S. at Odds on Mistaken Terror Arrest – The New York Times
Jun 5, 2004
F.B.I. officials once maintained the prints matched those of the American lawyer, Brandon Mayfield
The F.B.I. Messes Up – The New York Times
May 26, 2004
in arrest of Brandon Mayfield in Madrid railroad bombings based on error in fingerprint identification
FBI apologizes to lawyer held in Madrid bombings – NBC News
25 may 2004
The apology Monday came hours after a judge dismissed the case against Brandon Mayfield
FBI — Statement on Brandon Mayfield Case
Federal Bureau of Investigation (.gov) ›
May 24, 2004
After the March terrorist attacks on commuter trains in Madrid, digital images of partial latent
That s Not My Fingerprint, Your Honor! – Brandon Mayfield’s FBI › mayfield › brandon_mayfield
Brandon Mayfield was framed by the FBI for the Mary 11, 2004 train bombings in Madrid, Spain
Lawyer Saved By The Spanish National Police From FBI Terrorist Frame-up
By Hans Sherrer
[PDF]Brandon Mayfield – the USDOJ/OIG Home Page › special › exec
Brandon Mayfield, an Oregon attorney, as a material witness in an investigation of the terrorist attacks on commuter
A Review of the FBI’s Progress in Responding – the USDOJ/OIG › special
the Office of the Inspector General
Report on the Fingerprint. Misidentification in the Brandon. Mayfield Case
Office of
A Review of the FBI’s Handling of the Brandon Mayfield Case › special › PDF_list
A Review of the FBI’s Handling of the Brandon Mayfield Case
Special Report
Office of the Inspector General
[PDF]A Review of the FBI’s Handling of the Brandon Mavfield Case › special › final
Page 1.
U. S. Department of Justice
Office of the Inspector
D. Explanations Found by the OIG Not To Have Contributed
A. _Effect of the Patriot Act on the Mayfield Investigation
a special court, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance
The lawyer, Brandon Mayfield, said in a complaint that the Justice Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation

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