Dothan, Alabama, Police, cellular companies promote *DUI service

Dothan City Limit Dial *DUI to report DUIDothan, Alabama, Police, cellular companies promote *DUI service

Drunk drivers beware

A partnership among the Dothan Police Department, Alltel Communications and Cellular One is making it easier to report reckless drivers

“The Dothan Police Department, in concert with Cellular One and Alltel, are in the process of promoting a new effort on all of our parts to rid our highways of the DUI driver here in the City of Dothan,” said Dothan Police Chief John White

“For some time, a number of agencies outside of our area have had the ability to hit four digits on their cell phone, make a free call, and report a suspected DUI driver

I’m happy to say that with our local companies efforts, we’re now able to do that in this city”

By dialing *DUI (*384) on their cellular telephones, Alltel and Cellular One subscribers will be automatically routed to the Dothan Police Department Communications Center, which will immediately send an officer out to investigate

If the suspected drunk driver is outside of the Dothan Police Department’s jurisdiction, White said the call will be routed or passed along to the nearest law enforcement agency

“I think this speaks well of Alltel and Cellular One,” White said

“Obviously they are very civic minded in their corporations

This is one step they have taken to let the community know they are concerned about driving safety on our highways”

The more information — location, tag number, description of the vehicle or direction of travel — motorists are able to give authorities about the suspected offender, the more help they will be to authorities

White hopes *DUI will be used to report all erratic drivers, and allow the police to determine if the suspect is driving under the influence

Calls reporting safety hazards will also be accepted

“I think it’ll be a success story,” White saidDothan Alabama Police Department Chief John C. WhiteThe Dothan Eagle

Local & State

Friday September 10 1999Dial *DUI to report DUI this is a D.A.R.E. Community


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