Coffee with a Cop – Houston County, Dothan, Alabama

Coffee with a Cop Dothan Alabama Houston County
Dothan, Alabama, Coffee with a Cop in Houston County, at the Atlanta Bread Company, 3070 Ross Clark Circle, Wednesday, January 14 2015, 7-9 a.m, was a great opportunity to have a member of the Dothan Police Department regale you with why the local citizenry can obtain more information from the Houston County Courthouse public records access ( about unlawful activity, than you can from that “Secret Society”known as the Dothan Police Department
Dothan Police Department
They even had a camera wielded by a female Corporal to document their Masonic Lodge-like meet and greet
Dothan Police Department
A local female photog with a tripod-mounted Sony camera even showed up around 8 a.m. to document the occasion for microfilm posterity
Coffee with a Cop
The Atlanta Bread Company employees were great hosts, and the food was guaranteed to hit the spot and go right through you
Coffee with a Cop
The free swag was sweet
Dothan Police Department


One thought on “Coffee with a Cop – Houston County, Dothan, Alabama”

  1. had a great morning talking to a lot of officers at Ray’s yesterday. ithink ya’ll do a great job for Dothan. have agreat day. and be safe out there.


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